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Inspirational Stories featuring “The Story of Grant Korgan”.

inspirational storiesGrant Korgan has been the subject of many inspirational stories throughout his lifetime. Perhaps, the most inspirational of all, is when he sustained and overcame a spinal cord injury that resulted in him being paralyzed from the waist, down.

Korgan was an individual that tackled numerous ski slopes throughout his lifetime on a snowmobile. Once he sustained his injuries, he was confined to a wheelchair. The support from his wide, Shawna, and several close friends pushed him to the point where he discovered the strength to get out of his wheelchair and reclaim the lifestyle that he once loved.

“May you see the beauty before you, behind you, above you, below you, all around you, and let it make your heart strong.” – Grant Korgan

Today, Grant Korgan is known as the very first athlete with a spinal cord injury to have skied 80 miles in the Antarctica South Pole.

Today, he is a motivational speaker and is considered to be the most popular emerging face when it comes to spinal cord recovery. He delivers his message to millions. He encourages people to choose to be positive, despite any adversity that they experience. In doing so, he claims that we are able to climb mountains for those that we love, as well as ourselves.

In addition to his motivational lectures on discovering inner strength, he is also an author. He runs numerous campaigns and encourages others to believe in the enduring power associated with the human spirit.

When it comes to inspirational stories, Grant Korgan’s is at the top of the list!

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