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Inspirational Stories featuring “The Story of Eric Thomas”.

inspirational storiesThere are many different inspirational stories pertaining to Eric Thomas, an individual who is considered to be one of the leading motivational speakers within the world.

Born on September 11th in the year of 1965 in Tuscan, Arizona, Eric found himself without a home by the time he was 16 years of age. At his lowest point, he decided he wanted to make a better life than he had lived and committed himself to creating a better life. He simply wanted to be proud of himself.

As a result of consistently pushing himself, he eventually ended up enjoying 9 seasons as a highly-qualified cornerback in the NFL.

“Apply the ABCs of success to your life. Ask, Believe, and Claim It.” – Eric Thomas

While playing for the NFL, Eric Thomas dedicated himself to pursuing and obtaining the education that he missed out on as a result of being homeless in his youth. He, eventually, started pursuing his passion of helping others identify their purpose in life.

Today, he is highlighted as being one of the most prolific and positive motivational speakers in the world. He has now earned millions of dollars between his speeches, his YouTube videos, and his best-selling books. In fact, he is featured in over 90% of all motivational-based videos and inspirational stories currently on YouTube.

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