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Inspirational Stories featuring “Eric Thomas and Breathe University”.

inspirational storiesEric Thomas, a motivational speaker and a life strategist, now owns and operates the “Breathe University” – a school that provides a holistic-based approach to achieving success through a series of different instructional sessions, along with many inspirational stories.

Eric Thomas teaches students through his Breathe University how to go from where they are within their lives to where they should be within their lives. A combination of inspirational stories, motivational lessons, and productive steps are provided to students through videos, MP3’s, and a wide array of other tools and resources. This specially designed school which was created and implemented by Eric Thomas has the capability to assist in finances, career, socialization, relationships, and more!

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” – Eric Thomas

As you are introduced to the inspirational stories and instructional lessons through Breathe University, you will learn what “success” truly is and how to obtain it – regardless of your current circumstances. The classes that are currently available through the University include the following:

  • “Love and Marriage”
  • “Greatness is Upon You”
  • “The Secret to Success”
  • “Building Your Brand”

If you are ready for a new start in life, a new opportunity, and to achieve success the way it was meant to be achieved, Eric Thomas is sure to have a positive influence on you!

By joining the school, or simply just signing up for one of the classes offered through the school, you will be challenged to move beyond your current state so that you may successfully realign and completely reshape your future and your destiny.

I hope you enjoyed today’s inspirational stories of the untold. Be sure to check back for more inspirational stories on a daily basis.

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