Are You Running Away?

When it comes to being strong, I believe that one needs to sit through their problems, struggles, and further feel their emotions; thus not having to hide them and not feeling the need to running away from them as well.

running awayFact is… Many people in life are spending their walk of life chasing the next party thinking they are strong and tough because they use substances and party all night long attempting to drown their problems, struggles and emotions. They don’t realize that after the substances wear off, their problems, struggles, and emotions of what they are working to running away from still exist.

With saying that… In the reality of it all, what are they running away from?

Are you running away from anything that in the reality of it all, you need to hit head on?

For me… There have been many nights where I have thought of drowning my struggles and problems; but my true being and gut instincts tell me to deal with them head on and with my true being, I do as I’m told and deal with my struggles as they arise. There is never any reason to running away from my problems and thus no need for you to run away from yours either.

At the end of the day, stop running away from your problems, struggles, and hurt emotions and start dealing with them as they arise. It could be as simple as listening to your inner thoughts and respecting the thoughts coming from within you.

Today would be a good day to quit running away from your problems, financial struggles, and negative emotions and let your light shine all over the world in happiness and success. Join my inner light team today here.

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Make it a great day, you definitely deserve it.

P Mutrie

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