The Moral of the Story

What is the moral of the story you live to live?

The Moral of the StorySalt’n’Pepa quoted, “So the moral of the story is, who are you to judge? There’s only one true judge and that’s God. So chill and let my Father do His job”.

Fact is, when it comes to the moral of the story and each and every one of us; we should never waste our time judging other people as it is definitely not your place to do so. You were not born to judge others and no one else was born to judge you.

I believe we were all born to be the best version of ourselves, to spread love and kindness to anyone and everyone we meet within the surrounds to which we live.

Always remember that the moral of the story we all live should always be to never judge other people. Use your time to always making a difference and that difference not only to yourself, but onto making a difference in somebody elses life too.

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With saying that…

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P Mutrie

The Moral of the Story

The Moral of the Story

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