Inspirational Stories – Carlo Vasquez Helps Out-of-Work Customers Make a Good First Impression

Welcome to today’s Inspirational Stories of the Untold featuring Carlo Vasquez who helped out-of-work customers make a good first impression.

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” ~ Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales

Inspirational Stories – Carlo Vasquez Helps Out of Work Customers Make a Good First ImpressionFor individuals who were out of work, one man made it easier for them to make a first impression. The story of Carlos Vasquez has become one of the most inspirational stories in the East Side of New York City. Vasquez runs a dry cleaning business and to help those down on their luck, he offers free dry cleaning to unemployed individuals that need a clean outfit for their interview.

Vasquez wanted to do something to give back to his community. He had a lot of support from local customers, so he wanted to offer support to others. Once Vasquez found out that several of his regular customers were out of a job, he decided to start offering free cleanings to out of work locals that needed to make a great first impression at an interview.

Along with free dry cleaning, Vasquez always wishes those without work good luck when they head off to their interview. According to Vasquez, most of the unemployed individuals he has helped end up getting the jobs they interview for, which makes him feel great.

This sign isn’t just a one-time thing for Vasquez. He puts up the sign from time to time when he hears that individuals in the community are having a tough time. Customers appreciate the kindness Vasquez offers and love the way he and his wife take a personal interest in their customers. Not only are they helping others, but they are showing their customers that they really care, and that’s a huge inspiration to locals that live near First Professional Cleaners, Vasquez’s business.

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Inspirational Stories – Carlo Vasquez Helps Out of Work Customers Make a Good First Impression

Inspirational Stories – Carlo Vasquez Helps Out of Work Customers Make a Good First Impression