Do you live a life of being challenged on a daily basis? I am sure you are just like me. I believe we all face challenges on a daily basis.

Challenged?Joseph Campbell quoted, “Follow you bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

Do you follow your bliss to allow the universe to open doors for you?

I believe that the simplest rule of thumb in challenged moments is to do what makes you feel happy. That’s what I do. If you let the challenged times overtake you, you allow the challenges to win creating negativity in your daily living further leading to a depressive state. This is by far not what we want to live by in our daily lives.

Always see the light at the end of the tunnel and always vision the possibilities within the unforeseen ways that the world opens up for you. Do what makes you happy and true happiness will follow.

To overcome a challenged road block in life, pursue the things that give you the most fulfillment and true happiness and prosper from the results of your becoming.

Today would be a great day to start living your moment within your better self by reaping the rewards of life in true happiness, true intentions, and success by joining my inner circle where we give value to the world in many ways expressing how our actions speak louder than words and demonstrate our acts of kindness all over the world. You can join my inner circle here.

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Make it a great day, you definitely deserve it.

P Mutrie



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